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You can pay the fee by USD or RMB. Here you can find information regarding which item to register according to your requirements

Conference Fee
Authors(within 6 pages) 500USD/3500RMB
Student Authors(within 6 pages) 450USD/3000RMB
Additional Paper(s) 380USD/2600RMB
Additional Page 50USD/300RMB
Oral/poster Presentation 350USD/2400RMB
Listener 200USD/1200RMB

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ICNFM 2023 Authors Registration
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1. Each paid registration covers only one paper; you can pay Additional Paper Fee (380 USD/2600RMB) for one more paper from the same first author who already has a paid registration.
每一个作者注册费只包含1篇文章。如果是同一个注册作者的第二篇文章可以享受第二篇文章的注册优惠 2600元/篇
2. The paper is limited within 6 pages. Additional page will be charged 50 USD per page.
超过6页的文章(从第7页开始)将收取超页费 50美金或是300人民币/页
3. At least one author for each accepted final paper must pre-register.
4. Other co-authors or accompanying person can register as the listener.
5. Everybody, who has paid the conference fees, will receive an official receipt at the conference venue.
6. Submitted and accepted full paper will be published into the conference proceedings, register after you receive the acceptance letter, details listed in the acceptance letter.
7. Abstract will be included in program but will not published in conference proceedings
8. Please note that registration fees are not refundable and non-transferable.